ters,including the 2006 model XL883 I have had from new since Xmas 2006, I can say these are a very well built motorcycle. They are strong. All sportster engines are a bit rattlely when hot but this is normal as they are Qaud cam push rod engine and gear backlash noise is probably there most annoying feature, at least with quite pipes on.
Motorcycle End Ticking Noise Brass Bushings For Harley Rocker Lockers Twin Cam. For Harley Davidson Rocker Lockers Twin Cam ~ End Ticking Noise DK-RL-TC Specification: Condition:100% Brand New Material: Made of high quality Metal Color: As pictures shown Features: The rocker arm shafts have a notch in them that the bolt is supposed to butt up against, locking the rocker arm shafts in place.
Modifying the engine, ignition, and exhaust is a great place to start to make big changes to your stock bike. Later, with modifications to the handlebars, mirrors, gas tank, tires, and paint job can create a completely unique looking bike with a lot of power, speed, and noise.
This engine seems small, but sounds like the full size engine. It was built from the ground up fo. Running in Pottsville Oregon. Hard to tell from a video but this thing shakes the Ground when it runs. Quit whining about pollution.